The Evening Star June 1, 1958 Top Teen Tunes
Milt Grant Plugs a Hit - His Own
By Harry Bacas
Milt Grant, one of young Washington's favorite
men-of-music has been picking record hits for years.  Now
he's produced one of his own.
In addition to conducting his "Milt Grant Show" for  WTTG
television, Milt often directs young people's "hops" around
    It was at one of these that "Rumble" was born.
    When Milt asked his band leader, Link Wray, to play the
Stroll, Link asked "how does it go"? Milt hummed the first
few notes.  
    The band took it from there, playing a stroll, all right, but
not the Stroll. It was a slow,rocking number with Link
leading on guitar, his brother Ray Vernon, on rhythm
guitar,another brother Doug Wray, on drums and Shorty
Horton on electric bass.
    The Kids Loved it and asked for more.
    The song had no title at that time but the piece
developed as the band played at subsequent dances.  It
was strictly instrumental, with a rather eerie sound.
    Milt took the band into a local recording studio one
day and they recorded it. Several days later Archie
Bleyer, head of Cadence Records, was in town and Milt
gave him the disc. Archie took the disc back to New York
and pretty soon was on the phone.
    " I like it, My teenage daughter likes it and we want it"
he said.  Then he and Milt started to talk about a title. They
went through a dozen different ones before they hit
"Rumble". The record Was issued on the Cadence label
with that title.  The composer credits show Milt Grant and
Link Wray as the authors. No changes were made in the
recording. It was brought out exactly as the boys had
recorded it in Washington.                Since then, "Rumble"
has rein steadily on the best-seller list and has brought
Link Wray's band several high priced requests for personal
    But Milt Grant isn't leaving it at that.  He is looking
forward to the next record. "We've got a second one that's
a real gasser". He says.

Above is an excerpt from the Washington Evening Star.
 Who was responsible for writing "Rumble" ?
Milt grant suggested the song and Link Wray invented
the sound.  Like it or not, they both played a part in its