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D.C. Rock and Roll
This site is dedicated to the Rock and Roll Music of
the DC Area. All the current and past performers
and  supporters of live rock and roll music in the DC
One of the goals  of this site is to
acknowledge  the fact that DC has a
distinct Rock and Roll  sound. The long
term goal is to create a DC rock and roll
museum.  Our unique regional sound
needs to be recognize  and the tradition
passed   down.
Save Our Sound
As our region is taken over by  franchises the
venues that offer  live music are rapidly
becoming extent.  Support the DC sound.  
Demand   that your local clubs provide  live
What is the DC Sound?

It primarily developed between the late 1940's and
the early 1960's . Born in the rough bars and  road
houses primarily located in Prince Georges
County, the sound took root and flourished  in
South East Washington and along the District/
Maryland line in Prince George's County.
It is a unique mixture of Hillbilly, Blues, Soul,
Be Bop Jazz, and  a dash of  Internationale.
It is immediate ,raw, on top of the beat.
Some say DC music in a word is Fender,
and truly some of the country's greatest rock and
roll guitar players have come out of  here.
If they didn't come from here, then man, their main
influences sure did.
Saint Rita  da Cascia patron saint Of our site
This Web page and this project is supported in part by a grant from
The Prince George's Arts Council, PGAC Super Circle, and the
Maryland National Capital Park &Planning Commision
Member of the Washington Area Music